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Do you work in a restaurant or another public service sector where food preparation and serving are involved? One of the most important safeguards to protect public health today is food safety, and having the proper training in food handling safety is critical. That's why it is essential that food industry employees learn proper food safety protocols from us, Food Fun in Jacksonville, Florida.

Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere in the nation, if you work with food preparation, display, or storage, or if you serve food to customers or clients, you must be trained in proper food handling safety techniques. Foodborne illnesses can be controlled or avoided entirely with proper food handling. Once you complete one of our classes and the accompanying tests, your results are processed immediately, and you receive certification upon passing the tests.

Our founder, Darryl Maurice Young, is a professional instructor and a registered ServSafe® examination proctor who takes a personal interest in each and every student. He is able to provide ServSafe certification and also administers SafeStaff food handler certification. With more than 20 years of industry experience, he offers fast and comprehensive online training with almost immediate certification.

Minimize risk. Maximize protection only with ServSafe.

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