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Here is your complete pricing and other expense-related information. Food Fun in Jacksonville, Florida offers you the very best in food and beverage service training. Fees include:

  • $250.00 $0.00 Per Student for ServSafe Food Protection Manager Training (at Florida State College at Jacksonville and/or Jacksonville Public Library)
  • $250.00 Per Student for 8 Hours of ServSafe Food Protection Manager Training
  • $150.00 Per Student for Prometric National Environmental Health Association Professional Food Managers Certification Examination
  • $1,500.00 per student for ManageFirst professional credential
  • $75.00 Per Student for ServSafe Allergen Certification Examination
  • $75.00 Per Student Online for The Always FoodSafe Company Food Protection Manager Certification/Examination or ReCertification, Proctoring
  • $100.00 Per Student for OnlineThe Always FoodSafe Company Food Protection Manager Training
  • $40.00 Per Student for the Online The Always FoodSafe Company Certification/Examination Voucher
  • $100.00 Per Student for Online ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification/Examination or ReCertification, Proctoring 
  • $100.00 Per Student Online for Prometric National Environmental Health Association Professional Food Managers Examination, Proctoring 
  • $75.00 Per Student for Online ServSafe Alcohol Examination, Proctoring 
  • $50.00 Per Student for ServSafe Manager Certification Online Exam Voucher
  • $25.00 Per Student for Laptop usage for Certificate/Examination 
  • $30.00 Per Student for the Same Day SafeStaff Food Handler Training and Laminating Certification/Examination
  • $2.00 Per Mile for Traveling To and From Your Company With the Exception Of Airfare, Train, and Bus Reimbursement for Cost Of Travel
  • $150.00 for Overnight Trip, Hotel/Lodging

Ask us about independent contract rates and group contract rates. No refunds.

Food Fun in Jacksonville, Florida

Providing management preparation material preference meaning betterment by ManageFirst Professional Credential.

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SafeStaff Food Handler Certification Training

Training Guidelines

  1. As a student, you must use your name during training as it appears on state identification documents.
  2. Your student state identification card will be collected at the beginning of a session and returned at its conclusion.
  3. You must sign in and out to use a restroom, and one student at a time may use a restroom during instructions and proctoring. Please raise your hand to be acknowledged by the instructor for your restroom needs. Do not take personal belongings to the restroom, and leave course material with the instructor.
  4. Cheating is not permitted and may lead to revocation of your certificate training without a refund and refusal for future testing. You will be asked to collect your personal belongings and leave the exam location.
  5. There is no talking during exams.
  6. Please keep your eyes on your own reading material.
  7. You should only have the course material in front of you.
Training Certificate Being Awarded

Students With Special Needs

Please notify your instructor/proctor of any disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act for alternate test formats within 15 working days of exams.

A student with limited proficiency in English is permitted to receive the services of a qualified interpreter at the student's own expense, to assist both instructor and student. The qualified interpreter cannot be in a personal relationship with the student. The qualified interpreter is prohibited from giving clues and opinions. The qualified interpreter must be fluent in both English and the student's native language. You must notify the instructor 20 days prior to the training date so that a request for an interpreter may be made. If a qualified interpreter is not affordable, the student may use a bilingual dictionary.

If you get sick during an exam, you must take it again at your own expense.

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