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Food Safety Training


Offering Food Safety Courses for Your Professional Advancement

Learn proper food handling safety techniques from Food Fun in Jacksonville Florida. We offer comprehensive training in Florida and anywhere across the United States.

Food Safety

Be ready for employment in the foodservice industry with proper training and certification. We offer food safety training to individuals and also to businesses. We come to you in order to teach food handlers and those who want to be food protection managers with proper food management practices.

Foodservice management training is extensive and covers a multitude of subjects including:

  • Alternative Operating Procedure
    Employee Health
  • Calibrating Thermometers
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Contamination/Cross-contamination
  • Controlling foodservice cost
  • Customer service
  • Dry Food Storage
  • Food Allergen Awareness
  • Food-borne illness/Outbreak
  • Handwashing Techniques
  • Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point
  • Hospitality accounting
  • Hospitality & restaurant management
  • Hospitality & restaurant marketing
  • Hospitality human resources management & supervision
  • Labeling
  • Receiving of Food Supplies
  • Purchasing
  • Manual Dishwashing Procedure
  • Non-Continues Partial Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Pest Management
  • Principles of food & beverage management
  • Refrigerated Food Storage
  • Time As A Public Health Control
  • Time and Temperature Control for Safety

You'll learn about food preparation practices, including the thawing of potentially hazardous foods and techniques to minimize handling. On top of that, you'll be able to recognize critical temperatures during storage, preparation, and cooking, as well as when food is served, displayed, and reheated. Additionally, we provide extensive beverage handling training.

Typically clients come to us when they're ready to enter the food and beverage industry. However, in some cases, you may require training to keep your present job. Contact us today for immediate assistance. We know the food and beverage industry is active around the clock, and we are available for training during times that may be more convenient for you.

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Cost To You

You'll benefit from professional training at the affordable prices of just $30.00 for a food handler course and $150.00 for food protection management or professional food manager training. Online alcohol service proctoring is $75.00, and online proctoring for any other exam is $75.00 per hour. Ask us about group or contracted rates for training at food service establishments.

You'll benefit from our extensive training for food and beverage-related work in restaurants and many other institutions, including:

Adult Daycare Centers
• Adult Family Care Home
Assisted Living Facilities
• Crisis Mobilization Centers
Convenience Stores
Detention Centers
Facilities Used At Temporary Events
Fast Food Establishments
Food Processing Plants
Gas Stations
Grocery Stores
• Healthcare Clinics
Home Child Care Centers 
• Homes for Special Services


Intermediate Care Facilities for
  Developmentally Disabled
Institutional Facilities
Mobile Food Units
Nursing Homes
Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care
Public Lodging
Rehabilitation Centers
• Residential Treatment  Facilities for
  Children and Adolescence
Transitional Living  facilities
Vending Machine Operators

Young Workers

Students aged 14 and 15 may only work in a limited capacity in summer or after-school food industry jobs. They may not cook, bake, or work in either freezers or meat coolers.

Minors aged 14 through 17 may not operate, set up, adjust, or clean power equipment including:

  • Meat Or Vegetable Slicers
  • Bakery Mixers
  • Grinders

Created by and for the industry, the safe choice is ServSafe.

SafeStaff Food Handlers Class (Examination and Certification same day)

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Proctoring Exams

24 Hours A Day

ServSafe Food Protection Managers & Prometric National Environmental Health Association Professional Food Managers must make requests 20 days prior to the examination date for Proctoring Exams.

Your Food Service Establishment or Restaurant
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